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RELEASING- July 3rd 


Secrets teaser- release


 © LA Fiore, Anthony Dwayne 2020

Welcome to Summerville… 

Arissa Haywood, editor of the popular Southern Charm magazine, is looking to get out of the rat race of Charleston so moves to the quirky town of Summerville. When a move-in disaster brings the sexy sheriff Hank Weathers to her door, she knows she’s made the right move.  

Hank Weathers can’t deny the attraction to the beauty who just moved into his quiet town, but he’s been there before…a city girl trying to live in the country. He’s not going down that road again, but the attraction is too hard for them to ignore.  

They jump feet first into a whirlwind romance. As the intensity of their relationship grows, Arissa begins to find discrepancies about Hank. Without his knowledge, she starts digging deeper into his past, aided by the Summerville Bells, the rowdy and provocative southern ladies who know everything about everyone in town.

When Arissa uncovers a shocking skeleton in the Weathers’ closet, she quickly learns that some secrets are best left hidden. 

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